Challenges Work.

I posted this in the Get Coaching Clients Community and it got 60+ comments when the group was just a baby. 

“I challenge you. Describe what you do for your clients in 3 words.”

As the comments started to roll in, I realized something.

Challenges work.

Challenges work because people naturally have a desire to prove themselves.

We want to show that we can do it.
That we are capable.
That nothing will stop us.

That’s why a 5-day challenge is one of the BEST ways to grow your list.

When I hosted my FREE challenge I never expected I would make five figures. 

But I was able to launch my coaching offers and fill one on one and group coaching offers.

Do you want to create a challenge to grow your list and influence?

I'll show you how to create a powerfully seductive 5-day challenge during this special masterclass. 

We'll cover...

CHALLENGE CONTENT including choosing your outcome, planning out each step, making it high-impact, and exactly what assignments to choose for each day to keep you participants engaged.

LOGISTICS including how to create a landing Page, what to do for the email series, how to integrate a messenger bot, and getting free advertising.

LAUNCH including finding JV Partners, choosing a launch date, and creating pre-launch trigger content.

BONUS: BACK-END SALES including how to turn a challenge into back end sales of your services.

You'll also get my 7 day launch guidebook so you can implement in just one week.
I'll also provide a challenge launch checklist so you don't miss a step.

And as usual, I'm providing templates and landing page swipes so you can get your challenge going that much faster.

Course curriculum

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    5 Days 5 Figures

    • 5 Days 5 Figures

    • 7 Day Guidebook

    • Challenge Launch Checklist

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